Is this too manly?


Which one matches me better?

  1. Guccissima White Leather Bifold

  2. LV Mini LIn Ebene Bifold

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  1. I am trying to get a new wallet for myself. USually I am a fan for real flat bifold (currently i have an LV Epi bifold) and don't like any wallet with coin pouch..I have my MC cles for the coins :smile:

    So I was gonna get the Mini Lin bifold in has the coin section but at least its not too bulky.

    Then I saw the Neiman Marcus Men section. Does anyone think this is too manly for me? Or should I stick with the Mini Lin?

    The guccissima in White leather...

    PS: Oh and I would like to keep this for a long time...since I dont really like switching wallets.
  2. is this the one u mean?
    i don't think it's too manly. i think it's pretty :yes:

  3. I'd usually say LV, but go for the Gucci. I wouldn't want a wallet or anything I handled often or roughly to be in mini lin fabric.
  4. Love the mini lin!!!!!!!!
  5. I like the Gucci and I'm usually not a Gucci fan.

    *goes off to investigate for herself...*
  6. :yes: It's pretty in white!
  7. The gucci is gorgeous i'd get that one! Not too manly at all!
  8. Yup thats the one. I think the white makes it not too manly but usually womens wallet dont have the double slot.
  9. It's not too manly. It's pretty!!!
  10. I'd go for the Gucci. I am an LV gal myself, but I think the Gucci leather will hold up better than the LV Mini Lin fabric.
    I don't think it looks too manly. The white color makes it look rather feminine.
    For the record, I carry a bi-fold wallet myself.
  11. I like the louis vuitton mini lin.
  12. It's really nice, I don't find it too manly at all.
  13. I would go for leather......especially long term. In fact, I don't think I would buy a material-type wallet at matter who designed it.
  14. Btw, does any one of you own a Guccissima leather bag/wallet? Just want to know the durability of the material....I am always afraid that I will scratch that leather.
  15. It's not manly at all. In fact, it looks a bit out of place in the men's range. I'm not a huge fan of Gucci but it's nice.