Is this too good to be true???

  1. I could be wrong,but I thought the Mulberry tree was under the lock on the front?, But I can't check on my bayswater at the mo,and the two of mine I've looked at (Roxanne and Elgin) don't have any labels saying where they are made??
  2. I just checked my Bayswater and it has the Mulberrytree at the same place on the postmanslock - on the top part, that is. I also have the "Made in England"-label just to the left of the inside pocket. Mine is genuine, bought at my local Mulberry store.
  3. yep,just checked mine and the tree is in the same place too,I know mines genuine and I looked at the pics of yours,it looks alright,I've never seen one that color before,but its very pretty!! I hope it is real and you come across a good find,but why not wait a little until some of the other ladies on the forum come and have a look,they know a hell of a lot more than me. I'll see if I can send anyone onto this thread for
  4. I'm pretty sure its real, I have a coconut coloured mulberry bag and the hardware is the same colour as this bayswater, the only prob for me being that its location is in hong Kong and the bag itsself looks a bit grubby!

  5. Thank you to all the ladies for your help.