Is this too good to be true?--fake or real?

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    my friend just sent me this website, it says all authentic items but the price is too good to be true. But the pictures are look real!!!!!!!!! take a look at their CHANELs.
    I know there is no website authorised selling CHANEL,but how come the pictures look so real?

    Really want to know~~~~~:confused1:
  2. ^Unfortunately, there are many many websites like this trying to pass of extremely discounted designer bags as authentic.

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  3. ^^ Amen sister!
  4. ^ OMG, you are everywhere! Fake! :ban::ban::ban:
  5. Well all of the Kooba bags on that site look like fakes, so I reckon everything is.:tdown:
    This site is quite naughty though as they have authentic pics of Chloe Paddys, but I cant believe you will actually GET a real one for $325...
    Alot of their photos look like they have been nicked from legit sites like Bergdorf Goodman etc.

    EDIT...just read their help page and it says that all of the items are pre-owned, so the pics they show cant be of the actual bag that you will receive..

    They also say that their items are 100% authentic or your money back..! Then they contradict that statment by saying
    ''All of our products are flawless, brand new and identical to the products offered at the boutiques''

  6. ^COMPLETELY sketchy.

    There's another website that sells highly discounted designer stuff like Chanel. I was sooo almost suckered into buying, until I realized wow, these pictures look familiar. THEY STOLE ALL THEIR PICTURES FROM BAGBORROWORSTEAL.COM. I won't even post the link to the website because I don't want anyone being fooled.
  7. The Chanels are fake, you can really tell by the care cards, hanging black tags, etc.
  8. in the future please only post authenticity questions in an Authenticate This! sticky please.
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