Is this too casual for an evening wedding dress?

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  1. Hey everyone, do you guys think this is too casual for an evening wedding? The wedding is at a vineyard, so idk if its considered as an outdoor wedding or a fancy one, it didn't say anything on the invitation regarding the dress code.

    I dont want to over dress for the wedding, the braid is my cousin in law. since the dress is red, i thought i can maybe dress it up with accessories, but im not sure now....

    What do you think?

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462736043.558739.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462736068.159690.jpg
  2. maybe a bit casual. perhaps with a nice cardigan it might look a bit better? especially since it's an evening wedding, it could get cold/windy, etc. it's better to just slightly overdress when there is no dress code. just imo.
  3. I think it's too casual for an evening wedding.
  4. On its own, it looks casual. But, it also seems possible to be dressed up with nice accessories/shoes..only you know your crowd.
  5. a bit too casual imo, the fabric looks cotton from the pic. I would say if would be more suited for day than evening.

  6. Thank you, i think ill keep looking.. Lol

  7. Thank you, do you think this will work the rehearsal dinner?

  8. Ill look for something else, haha. Thank uuuuu

  9. Yes, its cotton like, do you think i can wear knee length dress for an evening wedding? Or maxi, long dress would be better?
  10. you can definitely wear a knee length dress for an evening wedding but it depends on the fabric, i think cotton dresses are for day and no matter how you dress it up, it'll still be on the casual side.

  11. True, material matters... Thanks alot on the tips, let me continue my endless searching journey... Which i enjoy.. Lol
  12. that dress is too casual imo. i found a dress in nordstrom, its brand is lela rose. it's sleeves dress with scoop back and knee length dress. you might want to check it out. oh, the color is nudeish.
  13. I think it would work for rehearsal dinner.
  14. +1. I definitely agree.
  15. I'd wear a knee length dress. Do you live in the US? Nordstrom carries Ted Baker London and there are some gorgeous dresses now. Also, DVF dresses are beautiful for more formal/ dressy occasions and the styles are classic, yet still modern if that makes sense. Prices for both of these brands are also " reasonable" for gorgeous dresses you'll have in your closet for years. Maybe check out sites like Net- a-Porter to see what's available now and how to style it with shoes, bags and accessories. I'm a less is more minimalist, but I get a lot of fabulous inspiration from that site.