Is this too big to use as a Makeup Bag?

  1. I cant tell from the pics the size of the bag and there are no dimensions stated. Is this clutch too big to use as a makeup bag inside another bag?


  2. Depends on how much makeup you carry?:P
    Balenciaga made it as a makeup bag...
    According to ateilier the dimensions are
    (5.5"h x 8"w 1.75"d)
    and is retails at 455
  3. Not at all, SpecialK. My friend has one and it's very functional as a make-up bag/accessories bag inside any larger bag/b-bag (anything twiggy, city, work, weekender, purse) or small clutch for an evening out.
  4. This is a perfect size for makeup. I'm looking for the even bigger 8X11 one to use in my Work for essentials that I have to grab for quickly.
  5. Yup, that's their 'makeup' bag, it's perfect.

    (although I personally couldn't put my makeup in a bbag, lol - I just put my makeup in a cheapie gwp bag, shhhhh)
  6. I have a Magenta city on its way to me so I thought this would be a great Make up bag for it, and it will look good with my Black City as well.

    I usually put my makeup in the inside pocket but I dont want to get it dirty.
  7. mims, "gwp"???
  8. That is perfect for a make-up bag
  9. Congrats, SpecialK! Where were you able to score a magenta city?? :love:
  10. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: gift with purchase :shame:

  11. :roflmfao: LMAO....that's too cute! i'll have to join the club then!!!! :roflmfao:
  12. It looks like the perfect size for make up. Love the color too!!!
  13. Oh I am so excited. I didnt want to say anything until I got the bag, for fear of jinxing myself. But I got the LAST ONE from Cricket Liverpool so it will be brand spankin new!!

    I have a package waiting for me at my concierge's desk so I really hope that is it. I am also waiting for an 05 Pewter first so it could be iether:love:
  14. and congrats specialk!!!! :love:
  15. hehe I just can't bare to put my makeup in a $500 bag, since it tends to get dirty and messy! :shame:
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