Is this Tomato or Rouge Vif?

  1. I found this picture of Diane Kruger and i LOVE her balenciaga.. i've been thinking lately how much i need a great red bag in my collection. being i am a newbie to balenciaga i have no clue which red this is. any idea?
  2. Looks like Tomato to me...
  3. could be either or vermilion SA told me she cannot tell them apart
  4. It's definitely either Vermillion or Tomato.

    It looks like Vermillion to me....I think Tomato is slightly more subdued than Verm. Both of them are stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...can't wait for my Tomato baby to arrive:tender:
  5. it kinda looks like vermillion to me coz it looks more orange to it.... but then I'm no expert esp with pics! ;)
  6. haha i know.. i was looking through the thread someone made with all the different reds and they all look so similiar i was like i have NO but i guess being they're all alike you can't go wrong with any of them :smile:
  7. i love everything about this outfit!! the shoes, the dress, the bag - all TDF!! i don't think it's RV, could it possibley be plain old red/rouge? rouge vermillion has a bit of orange in it and tomato, while it doesn't have any orange in person, photographs as if it does.

    i'm leaning toward rouge, lovely "plain old" rouge :drool:
  8. I want to know the same thing. What color is that? It's gorgeous. Her whole outfit is perfect too.
  9. My first thought was tomato, but it looks like it could be vermillion too...or one of the older reds. Doesn't look like Rouge VIF to me.
  10. Looks like that pic was taken with flash and flash really changes the color of red (well, any color). For example, my tomato with flash looked way brighter and orangier than vermillion.
  11. I think that bag is vermillion :biggrin:
  12. it looks like it's vermillion....
  13. It looks identical to my Vermillon first from that tad bit of orange!
  14. I don't know since I'm a newbie to Bbags myself, but I just wanted to comment that Diane Kruger's bag is gorgeous! I love seeing any red Bbag.