Is this Tod's REAL?

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  1. Hello, can anyone help me?

    It looks like a D-bag but without strings? I wonder if it's other type or just plain fake?





    Sorry, but there's no additional pics. If it looks like true, I must make an arrangement to see it eprsonally.

  2. I say it is real. The circle font looks correct, the lining is correct and the pull tab on the inside zipper has the embossed 'T', the zippers are metal. This is not a 'D' bag , I don't know the specific name of this tote. You may want to ask for a picture of the back of the zipper pull and make sure it says 'lampo'. Nice bag! Great color
    My opinion is 'authentic'.
  3. OMG!!!! Thanks a lot, LT Bag lady!!!!!!

    Will definitely look for the Lampo sign.

    Wooohoooo!!!!!! :yahoo:

    BTW am amazed that you can see the zipper is made from metal and there's T on it. You are super. :tup:

    Oh, am so so so ecstatic!!! It's less than $300!!!!

    BTW any other tips what to look on when I see the bag personally?


    OMG, So So SOOOO Ecstatic!!!!

  4. Looks good to me too. The D bag is a version of this bag which has been around for not know the name. STitching and logo look good. Does it have feet at the bottom?
  5. Floodette, you can look inside for 'Made in Italy' and 'genuine leather' either embossed or printed somewhere.
    Under $300.00 that is a great price! :tup:
  6. Thanks a lot, Isabel and kalodie!!!

    So to sum it up:

    1. should have made in italy and genuine leather somewhere
    2. metal zip, with T-embossed and lamdo writing
    3. should it have feet???? :confused1:

    sorry, too many questions. but am so in love with Tod's so wanna learn how to spot a fake :jammin:.
  7. Don't know for sure if this particular style has feet, but most TOD'S have feet of some sort, either the Gomini (rubber knubs) or metal. If this one has feet, they would be metal.
    Good luck!
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