Is this Tiffany necklace still available?

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  1. Hello! I was just wondering if anyone's local Tiffany & Co. store has this necklace available?
    My local store never received it and now it's not on the website anymore...

    Looking for the 3 silver square blocks on a silver chain that spell out "MOM".

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  2. I have never seen it before. Is your store able to get a sku and check around?
  3. I found the SKU online and contacted Tiffany customer service. They have stated that the item is out of stock unless I can find it in a store, and that it isn't available through them. Apparently, it's part of the Tiffany "Era" collection released last year when they released the bar bracelets on a black cord... All of those items were pulled as quickly and as quietly as they were released, unfortunately.

    Sad. If I'd seen this sooner, this would be my every day necklace!
  4. Has anyone seen this piece in their local stores or for sale online somewhere? I checked eBay, but I didn't see any listings for it there.
  5. I remember this piece and wanted to get it, but never got around to it. I think there was one with "LOVE" too. Wow, didn't realize it's a goner already. Cartier has one with "LOVE" also and I am still trying to find it.
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    Hi there, I wish I had a better answer for you, but I think they have pulled all these from the stores. I have the "LOVE" version of this, purchased it last summer, and I had my SA pull it from the collection that apparently was going to the "discontinued" stash (wherever it goes). I wish I had asked her to pull the square LOVE ring too, loved the pieces in this collection. The chain that comes with this is so nice and smooth and sturdy - and you can take the blocks off and use it with other pendants. It might be worth calling around to see if anyone has it in a drawer somewhere. (P.S. sorry for furry kitty couch background in the photo.)

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  7. I don't remember seeing this collection at all but the love necklace is really cute.
  8. Any explanation as to why this came and went so quickly? It's really cute.
  9. I'm not sure why it came & went so quickly... But I LOVED the Era collection and I'm so very sad that it was pulled as soon as it was released!

    That is a great LOVE necklace. Thank you for sharing the photo!

    Now I *really* wish I'd found the MOM version. I've phoned all of the stores in my area, but none have it available...
  10. FOUND ONE!!

    I found one of the MOM necklaces listed on eBay from a reputable seller (100% feedback, more than 100 recent transactions) and purchased it right away, as it's something that I've wanted since it was released a year ago and haven't been able to locate since.

    So happy right now, I could do a happy dance!
  11. So happy you found this necklace - you won't regret purchasing. It's 18" so it is a great layering piece with other 16" necklaces. Enjoy and post a photo when you get it! (I feel like doing the happy dance with you!)
  12. Very exciting! Love to see pics when you get it!
  13. Yay! I'll definitely be posting photos when it arrives. It hasn't shipped yet, so will probably ship on Monday (purchased from eBay). I'm already stalking the piece... Can't wait until it gets here!!
  14. Ok.... Extreme sadness.

    I now have every reason to believe that the necklace I purchased is a FAKE.

    I logged into eBay this morning and noticed that the seller had re-listed the item I'd purchased, even though I'd paid for it. So I emailed him, and he stated that my necklace had been mailed yesterday and that he had duplicates to sell. This sent up a RED FLAG in my mind.

    I'd been in such a hurry to purchase this necklace -- because I'd wanted it so much and have been searching for the last year -- that I hadn't bothered to check what the seller was selling, only recent feedback (which is 100% positive and the seller has been a member of eBay for several years). Their entire inventory is NEW Tiffany & Co.! Ugh... More likely, NEW Tiffany & Co. REPLICAS (Fakes!)...

    So I'm certain that the necklace on its way to me is a fake. And I'll need to file a PayPal claim when it arrives (most likely Monday). And I'll need to pay for tracked shipping with signature confirmation back to the dishonest seller. And I still won't have my necklace, even after PayPal gives me a refund... 2-3 weeks from now. BLAH!

    Looks like the hunt is BACK ON! And I'm nearly $200 in the hole until I get my refund...

    Very sad Mama right before Mother's Day! I thought I'd found the necklace I'd been wanting since last Mother's Day just in time for this year. ...Guess not.

  15. Razl62, are you able to post a photo of the clasp and Tiffany & Co. hallmarks on your LOVE necklace, please? I would like to compare it to the one I purchased on eBay recently, because I'm certain that mine is a replica/fake. :sad::cry: