Is this the washed caviar?

  1. Bought this at Chanel Nordie Seattle today. My first store purchase =) Anyways, was wondering if one of you lovely ladies could tell me if this is the washed caviar or the old one? The SA couldn't answer me. The camera ain't that great either though, so I hope you can tell. Thankyou :flowers:

  2. Your bag looks like the washed caviar to me. (Btw, I have the "older/shiny" GST in black). If you ck the style # on the box it should read: A20995Y04839 for washed caviar in silver hw).

    Here's a pic of mine--again, in the "older/shiny" caviar to compare.


    Congrats on your bag n' Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Yup, that's the number. I can't tell the difference though. Thankyou for clarifying ^^ :ty:
  4. Yay LVCRAZED! I was waiting for someone to clear that up...

    --> Does anyone happen to have the style # for the OLD caviar GST w/ Silver Hardware?? Pretty puh-leeze? :flowers:
  5. YW!!!!!!!!!!!!:tup:

    I went and ck'd the style # on mine which is: A20995Y01864. (01864 refers to gold hw)....silver is: 01588.

    Washed caviar GST: A20995Y04839 silver
    Old/shiny caviar GST: A20995Y01588 silver

    HTH!! ;)
  6. Thank you!! LVCRAZED to the rescue... again!
  7. Heehee!!!!!!! :upsidedown:

    YW!! :wlae:
  8. Love it! So the style number matches that of the washed caviar?

    I have the washed caviar GST as well. :drool: It's one of my faves!
  9. I am considering the GST also and I am curious about the differences between washed caviar and the old caviar? What do you guys prefer?