is this the same bag on barney, saks and neiman, can someone help, please?thanks

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  1. hi
    i am a prada newbie, i really like this bag, i see it on barney, neiman and saks. They all have the same price, but different color.
    i wonder if it is the same bag.
    I like the cream color on barney's website, but the dimension is smaller than it is on saks and neiman. And barney does not have the detachable strap which i like. Can someone help? we don't have barney nearby so i cann't check it out




  2. You have excellent taste, that is the same bag I have been torturing myself over buying. RN had it in white but it already sold out!
    I really wanted white but no one answered my question about how it would hold up and resist dirt. Now I am thinking of buying the cream from Barneys. It dos have the detachable strap (see the second picture) they provided....
  3. ^^^ i really love this bag. and its' vit danio, so it is basically care-free maintaince. Have you gotten this bag yet?
  4. No. I want it though. I would have to sell 1/2 my denim collection to pay for it though. That is the only way I could justify it.
  5. Are they all in silver hardware?
  6. Isn't this the same bag that was pictured in the rainbow of colours from the Hawaii store? If it is, I really want the purple.
  7. That is the same bag on all the sites you posted. I have this bag in black with silver hw. I love it. It was my first Prada as well :biggrin:
  8. I was going to get the black and be ordinary and practical until I saw the purple and now my whole perspective has changed!!
  9. No, they are different. The rainbow bags have short handles, the bag we like has longer handles that will fit over the shoulder. I WISH Hawaiii had this bag.. they don't. :sad:
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    Last edited: Jan 27, 2010
    I'm not sure what the rainbow bag is but in the OP's first post these bags are the same... and I've not seen a purple or multi-colored version of this bag either.

    Oh, i remember the "rainbow" picture. This is definitely not the same bag.
  11. ^ UGH!!! That was my next question....I have debated over this bag in black..I would have ordered it from Joanna before the price increase...does anyone know the exact measurements of this bag? All the sites show dif ones...
  12. Here are the measurements...

    13 " x 13 1/2" x 6 1/2" with 8" double handle drop.

    Hope that helps.
  13. Same bag, I'm sure the measurements are off because different people measured the bag. I would go by the Saks measurements because Prada would have submitted those.
  14. Joanna does not have the same bag that Kyung Hwa has. I checked already. I am waiting for a SA from the other Hawaii boutique to return my call... I am not holding my breath though.