Is This The Same As The Original Whiskey..??

  1. Chloe -  Paddington Satchel, Whiskey -  Bergdorf Goodman

    Is this really the same as the original, beautiful, Whiskey colour, that was produced over a year ago, but was subsequently discontinued?:confused1:

    As far as i knew, they weren't going to bring this colour out again.

    Net-a-porter doesn't have it.

    Any ideas ladies?:smile:
  2. It looks the same...was there whiskey in S/S 06 but not F/W 06? Maybe it's a S/S colour? :confused1:

    ETA: Or MAYBE! After see Paulo Andersson's Chloé collection, the big cheeze at Chloé decided to rush production of a sellout bag in a sellout colour to suck the last of the money out of Chloé accessories buyers before he goes bankrupt. :roflmfao:
  3. Whiskey paddies have been sporadically popping up on the NM and BG websites since at least December. I almost bought one, but they disappeared. About 3 weeks ago one showed up again on NM and I bought it, given the reduced price. I have a feeling we are seeing belated returns or floor samples or something. I got one that is authentic, but it has no tags or cards and looks to have been used. It's a pretty bag, but is going back. You could get a perfect one, but I just thought I should tell you this. I have a feeling people buy these latecomers, then return, and the cycle keeps repeating. You might call and order and ask about condition, tags etc.
  4. Agree with Rollergirl.

    This whiskey bag (and the tan too) is undoubtedly a customer return.

    I bought and returned one via BG (NM sister store and share inventory) last summer and it was in not-new condition when I got it. NM/BG were unwilling to discount the bag for the used condition. For $1500 I wanted it perfect so I sent it back.
  5. Ahhhhhh of course - the dreaded customer return!!:lol:

    Didn't think of that!:shame: :idea:

    For that price i'd definitely want a new one (I know, i know, i've already got a whiskey:graucho:) but what i mean is, if i were to pay that much for a supposed brand new bag, i'd be well disappointed to find it in second-hand condition.

    Especially if it was a hard to find colour that i really coveted.:yes:

    Thanks ladies!:tender:
  6. yep they had a honey spy on site too last week, that was showing as new stock, but the wisteria was last year, so it will be a return me thinks :smile:
  7. forgot to add tho, it sure looks lovely lol :biggrin:

    love that colour so much
  8. The appearance of a tan Paddy at the original price of $1340 was totally shocking! Where has that little bag been for all this time? Bouncing from foster home to foster home? I don't understand why they don't just put them on sale!
  9. Totally!!

    Geesh, if that was the 05 paddy it's like two years old!!! :wtf:

  10. that realllllly sucks. is not supposed to resell returns... well that's what they told me.
  11. I purchased a whiskey from NM about 3 weeks ago. I'm sure it was a return, but was in excellent unused condition. It did not come with any tags. I kept it and feel fortunate to have one.
  12. Lucky girl, Lenabean!! Whiskey is wonderful!! My Mom has one. :love:
  13. That's great! Like I said, you may get the perfect one, even if it is a return. Not everyone does the use and return thing. I would have kept the one I got without a second thought, tags or no, if it had been in great condition, even a tiny bit worn. But it was just too scratched and dirty inside to ignore it and be happy.