Is this the Rodeo Drive flap that i got today? *with pics*

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  1. Today my DH got me a surprise Chanel bag, it is a silver flap. May I know if this is the Rodeo Drive silver flap from S/S 08 Act II? I think the leather is lambskin, not too sure. Can someone confirm what is the leather of Rodeo Drive silver flap?

    The size of this bag is same as the Les Marias flap that i got last year.

    Here u go:



  2. I have no idea what it is but it's beautiful. Your one lucky gal.
  3. I guess it is the same collection from Rodeo Drive Hobo that a tPFer had posted here before. I saw the Rodeo Drive hobo in black, white and silver.
  4. wow, it's so glamorous, congrats! :biggrin:
  5. Very cute bag, congrats!
  6. Wow, I love it!! Not familiar with it at all, but it is beautiful!
  7. That's sooo shiny! :biggrin:
  8. ooh cool bag!
  9. It has a different chain? I think Mon or Nat should know LOL! Hot bag!
  10. I think it is is the Rodeo Drive flap. Was it $1950? I know the hobo version that is $2650 comes in cream, black, and the silver you have so I'm sure the flap does too.

    I was mistaken the other day and said it was lambskin, but it is definitely calfskin. Another TPFer pointed it out, and it jogged my memory and she was 100% right.

    Edit: Forgot to actually comment on the bag. LOL I really like it in the silver! What a sweet DH! Congrats on such a fun bag. :smile:
  11. That is a beauty! Congrats.
  12. The larger version is just listed as the "metallic perforated calfskin hobo" in the s/s accessories brochure. :confused1:
  13. Wow...! What an amazing DH to surprise you like that! I'm pretty sure it's a part of the Rodeo Drive line. It's gorgeous, congrats!

    This is the Rodeo Drive flap and I remember seeing it in the Saks lookbook last month. It is $1950. The hobo that NM, Chanel, and Saks have is $2650. If anybody wants the black calfskin hobo, I know one is available at Saks in Troy, at least it was on Friday when I got a call for it b/c I was on the pre-reserve list for it.
  15. DH is such a sweet guy for buying you Chanel. I'm pretty sure that it is the rodeo drive line as well. Enjoy and Many congrats!