Is this the rock and chain bag?

  1. That's not the rock n chain that I saw or the one that I think Nerdphanie has ordered. althought the subtitle said "rock n chain FLAP". Rock n chain looks kind of like soft and chain. Do a search and you should find a thread started by nerdphanie from a couple months ago.
  2. Do you know what bag it is then? Does anybody know what bag this is?
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  4. Petals12 just started a thread with her rock and chain flap. This does look like it- when viewed from the side there are three chains that comprise one strap.
  5. i don't think so... but that bag is pretty!

    i think this is the rock and chain :
  6. Its hot!
  7. It is the rock and chain flap. It's just hard to see the 3 chain strap from the front.
  8. it is the rock and chain flap. i saw irl and it's gorgeous! it comes in at least white and black, and the white is really pretty! leather is super soft
  9. It comes in red too (the flap). Only Nordie's ordered the red.
  10. Is the rock and chain flap available still? Does anyone know where I can get it?
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  12. I have the rock and chain flap, that is a picture of the bag.
  13. It is the rock and chain flap. I just got one in ivory.