Is this the right price??

  1. It *seems* big in the picture but the dimensions are small!!!
  2. It's a great bag but it's way too tiny for me, and I tend to carry smaller purses!
  3. I think it looks bigger than it actually is. It's just a pouch. Did you see the posted dimensions? Cute style, though...I had also seen that and initially thought it looked big.
  4. I don't even know the dimensions of the bags I have lol.

    I am a writer, I am BAD with numbers.

    I saw after the fact that it was labeled "top handle pouch" and I know the Carly top handle pouches are really small.

    That is pretty tricky of them to photograph it like that.
  5. Yeh, it's small. It's only a pouch.

  6. Yeah, I totally agree about the photography! It makes me mad when eBay sellers purposely do that. When I sell a pouch, I write multiple time SMALL, CHECK DIMENSIONS before bidding, this is a POUCH. It definitely looks like a regular size bag, so don't feel bad! Sometimes I get a tape measure out and mark off the dimensions to get the size.
  7. yeah it seems small. cute though!
  8. I think it's really cute, but I have way too many small bags now... my goal is to get medium to larger bags from now on. I would definitely get that bag if it were a little bigger though :smile:
  9. It is really cute but way too small for me! Dang I wish it came in a bigger size!
  10. Other Coach tPFers have bought it and posted modeling pics of it. Seems too small for me. I think it's a little too expensive for such a small bag.
  11. The pics of the pouches are very deceiving.

    I'm sure thats a smaller one.. I just wish sometimes that stores would throw in a comparison item in the pic so we can see how it measure up... Like an actual hand or even and apple! LOL! I know it sounds silly but I know it would really help!