Is this the red city or red purse?

  1. I love Nicole Ritchie's B-bag here but is this a City or a Purse?

    red b-bag.jpg

    Dang, look at the dark handles on that bag! :blink:
  2. It looks like a purse. The Manhattan GM looks huge on Selma. I didn't know you can put it over your shoulder like that :biggrin:
  3. So it is a Purse then? Ya, that's what I was thinking too but just not sure. :lol: I think it looks fantastic on her!
  4. I thought the purse was flatter. She's tiny, maybe it's a box or twiggy? Ack, I don't know.
  5. I think it's a city...


  6. You got a point there. She is tiny so most bags look HUGE on her. :lol:
  7. Wow... excellent photos! Thanks chrissie!
  8. True! EVerything looks huge on her. A First could look like a City on her :lol:
  9. Yeah--it's not the Purse. The Purse is totally flat. Nice color though....
  10. chrissie, yeah it's def a city, probably from 2003....
  11. OMG!!! I want that bag..I want a rouge city..dunno where to get 1:cry: :cry:
  12. its an 03 red city i think... silver hardware. the rouge would have brass.

    which would also explain why the handles are so dark (might be time to get a new one nicole...)
  13. Nicole's bag is definitely the 2003 red city. It's gorgeous.
  14. Yes, it's definitely the city--I've seen her carry it in other pictures.
  15. i like that manhattan.
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