Is this the perforated??

  1. I think that is what it is but I want to make sure with my Chanel Queens. Is this the perforated and I'm guessing it is lavender. Anyone know about how much it runs? Thanks girls!!:heart:

  2. this is perforated with the tripe CC logos in patent leather. i've seen it on eBay and off the boutiques around 2 years back i think. not sure abt the price though! :smile:
  3. Chag~ that is beautiful!!!
  4. it is isn't it! it's not mine though lol so I wanted to see if I could find out anything before it hits eBay since I don't have a clue on it ;)
  5. it is perforated leather, but not a part of the perforated ligne that came out this past year.
    There's a gal at my DD's gymnatics that carries a fantastic black bag w/ little perforated CC's all over it.