Is This The Oddest Bag You've Ever Seen?

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  1. It'
  2. hmmm... interesting...:shrugs:
  3. It's an interesting bag. :shrugs:
  4. Very interesting. Does that handbag double as a scarf?
  5. For that price its a joke! I could make one like that!:p
    But...there is something kinda cute about it.
  6. Do you ever leave your house and go, "Oh no, I forgot my rodeo belt buckle!" Well, if that happens to you and you're carrying this bag, you're OK!

    Um, except I have never left my house and gone, "Oh no, I forgot my rodeo belt buckle".
  7. Interesting...but I've seen odder..
  8. LOLOL Lillady. That happens to me ALL THE TIME! Just goes to show there is a Bag out there for all of your Western Cowboy Windcatcher type needs. Put that scarf around your neck and it doubles as a large Locket necklace.
  9. It looks like a saddlebag!

    And it reminds me of one of my saddest Bags That Got Away. It was a Moroccan saddlebag, sky blue (with a regular shoulder strap, not a scarf).

    I saw it on eBay, from a reputable seller in Marrakesh, with whom I had previously done business, it was $15, I didn't buy it, just put it in the watch bin, thought about it all the next day, that night I went to buy it, and it was gone, and of course, there was not another one, hand-made one of a kind means just that. One.

    I still think about that bag, and sigh.
  10. I think that bag is great, not odd just unique. You can wear a white tee, jeans and this bag and look like a million bucks. It's so striking you wouldn't even need jewelry. Plus, there's a huge white, and natural trend now - this bag could dress it up.
  11. my eyes are burning! ick!
  12. It's not hideous or anything, but not pretty either. So I guess "interesting" or "unique" sums it up pretty well :smile:
  13. Yap. :yes:
  14. Definitely different. I can't believe they are charging that much for it.