Is this the new Optic Carly?? of a FAKE??

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  1. could this be the khaki/parchment optic carly?
  2. Do you have more pics? Is this on eBay?
  3. i have no idea if its fake but i like the optic... its different... :smile:
  4. This is the only pic they have and they say it is 100% authentic. It is on eBay. I am liking the optic too but I think the natural trim might be nicer.
  5. The signature looks real the leather looks fake.
  6. [​IMG][​IMG]

    well i hate to say it, but i did some "investigation on this optic carly... looks like the one to the left is posted by "tammiejensen" (don't know if we can put eBay names up), and the second ebay pic is selling the SAME exact bag with the SAME exact picture and its by seller "bulldawgmom"... coincedence? no other pics provided on either of the auctions... to me I think its a fake but I don't know, IMO I think they are fakes!! ... sorry if i should have posted this elsewhere?? :confused1:
  7. Hmmm that is pretty fishy. Why would she have 2 user names? I know that someone just posted yesterday about the optic carly's that are available from JAX now so there will be real ones but I'm not sure if this is one of them.
  8. hmmm... i'm not sure if its the same seller? if it is, they are trying to "jip" people out of money or something? otherwise maybe it is two sellers? i didn't look at their rating or feedback... I'm pretty sure they had excellent feedeback on both names... but I'm in the same boat as you xangelannx... ?? :confused1:
  9. Should post this in the authenticate this forum. Maybe one of the sellers swiped the other one's pic? Has been known to happen before which is why you should mark your photos somehow.
  10. I think this is the same person with 2 different names cause they both have alot of identical things for sale and are both from GA. I just wanted to know if this is what the new optic carly looks like.
  11. I dont know. but i dont like the bag.
  12. This looks fake to me. I have seen many on ebay...
  13. :yes:
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