Is this the "light pink" glazed lambskin Timeless Classic flap?

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  1. i know we all have been confused about the "pink vs light pink" bags for the new glazed lambskin timeless classic bags. so is this the light pink?? pic provided by savannah in the shopping thread... (was quickly there to post about 226 dark navy metallic being available for purchase for anyone looking...take a look!)
    100_16261.jpg 100_16251.jpg
  2. My box says pink...and rose..this color MUST be LIGHT PINK..its way lighter than the bag i just got at chanel.
  3. Ok, Now Im freakin out. Im waitlisted for Jill's pink, I have to have this pink!!!!!! But in a is on, please anyone let me know where you find it!!!!!
  4. ugh...Chanel and their colors are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CONFUSING!LOL!
  5. make THE call lol :sos:
  6. i called CHANEL.SHe thinks the CHANEL JUMBO is coming in the darker pink.....
  7. Saks is darker too
  8. My SA told me Neiman's ordered this pink only, medium size.
  9. Since pics taken with a flash shift the true hues a bit, does this light pink resemble the blush jumbo other than it isn't patent?

    Would be great if we could see pics of Jill's rose pink and this bag in natural light settings.

    I seem to recall a thread last year citing Chanel wasn't going to be doing pink for a while since they had a back log of them. At any rate, it's nice to see these -- and I know there are folks muttering where's the bubblegum pink!!! But ya gotta admit these two pinks are pretty.
  10. I love these 2 pinks, Im not into bubble gum, unless I was going for a cool 80's vibe:supacool:. I want both pinks.
  11. That's a gorgeous shade of pink, is that the 226 size ????
  12. that does look lighter than the pink flaps we have been seeing. Pretty!
  13. uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    i waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant this beauty i want.. i waaaant :heart::heart::heart: :wtf::hysteric:

    pleeease girls do post the style #, available sizes pleeZz & which stores do caryy her ??
  14. ^LOL

    chanelle, we shall find you this bag!

    if you want, i can provide you my SA's info at the chanel boutique and she can tell you what they are getting.

    from what i know so far, they are doing this light pink in the east-west flap, the medium flap, and this 3-compartment flap bag shown below (pic from an trunk show a while back..forgot which one and who posted it...forgot i even had it saved on my laptop!!).

    jill - were you successful in finding out if anyone did the jumbo in this shade?

    longchamp - the pic shown above is the medium flap, and i think it's a teeny bit smaller than the 226. (jill, can you confirm this?)
  15. ^ shopping247 i would appreciate it so much :heart: