Is this the GST that Kirsten is Carrying?

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  1. Here's a couple pics. It looks like the GST but I'm not sure. Something about it looks different.
    293.dunst.kirsten.041207.jpg Kirsten-gets-flowers.jpg
  2. It looks like it, but in the one picture(the 2nd one)the sides look a little different from the gst.
  3. yup! should be! :yes:

    (should be pretty easy to find in the store as well, in case you are looking for it)

  4. I agree. It also looks thicker (more bulky) than a GST to me.
  5. It's the timeless classic petite shopper. I can tell because there's no leather shoulder pads on the chains. :smile:
  6. its not the gst i was researching that bag too, i sooo love it. its the one with zip closure i dont know the name but i did collect pics of kirsten with that bag at one time and there are angles where it shows the bag is zip top. I was wondering why this bag is big ive only seen the small size below at chanel stores
    sm tote.JPG
  7. ITA. Just knew the difference between them few days ago.
  8. I like this bag too... does anyone know if it comes in silver hardware?
  9. Kaka,
    Is this bag very wide/deep? In other words, if it's on your shoulder, will your arm stick out like 45 degrees because it's bulky? Is it smaller than the GST? It looks like even the large version is smaller than the GST?
    Thanks so much!
  10. Love that bag!!
  11. I like timeless shopper more then the GST because of the zip top.
  12. It has feet too!!! I like that! You can rest your bag on the floor so that you don't have to worry about the leather getting scuffed up.
  13. The first pic looks liek the GST but the 2nd looks liek the tiemless hsopper :biggrin:
  14. Does anyone know if this is part of their permanent/classic collection & readily available? I'd rather get this than the GST since it has a bigger compartment with the zipper closure.
  15. does anyone know if it comes in black with silver hardware, but in cavier leather?