Is This The Gst Or The Pst????

  1. [​IMG]

    You see lots of pics of her with this bag - do you think she's got both the GST and the PST, sometimes she seems to have 2 different sizes - also do you prefer silver or gold h/w?

    Am trying to decide on a purchase before Christmas.

    Any input / feedback .... would be much appreciated.
  2. I think it's a PST and I prefer silver h/w with black bags. :smile:
  3. It looks like a GST to me.
  4. Well OK - 1 for the PST and 1 for the GST --- anyone else got an opinion - also Gold or Silver h/w???
  5. Oops sorry I just checked the reference library and it should be a GST! I thought it was the PST cos it looks quite small but yea the PST is more narrow.
  6. I have a PST and I know it doesn't look like the one Katherine has lol
  7. that is GST. i have a PST and i think the one in the picture is bigger. i prefer the gold hardware, like mine. :lol:
  8. Yep, definitely the GST. The PST looks tall and isn't as wide as the GST.
  9. this is a GST!! the cc on the pst is not centered like this one, and the pst is longer and slimmer....

    i PERSONALLY prefer the silver hw
  10. definitely the GST. love it with s/h :heart:
  11. It's GST not PST....this is the large tote!

    btw, i prefer the gold h/w combo, it's gorgeous! I've seen a model featured it, i wasn't payin attention to gold h/w but after seein that pic, i changed my mind from silver h/w to gold h/w
  12. Its the GST. I prefer the s/h, but b/c I think, somehow, it looks a bit more casual.
  13. This is the dark brown GST with silver hardware, I have the same combo in PST and love it!
  14. Dark brown? really??? I thought it was black.
  15. I'm pretty sure I've seen it in other pictures and it looks dark brown but I could be wrong. The dark brown they did this year is VERY dark, almost like dark chocolate so in some lights it looks black and others brown. I could have sworn I saw her using this with a brown outfit and there wasn't a doubt in my mind that it was the dark brown, then again I suppose she could have it in two colors, duh.