Is this the flu?

  1. I became really ill on thursday and had a fever of of 104.8. My other symptoms were: coughing, severe headache, naseua(sp), vomiting, sore throat and I could not move until today. My fever bounced from 102 to 104 for the last several days and finally went down to 101 today. Now I have diarrea (sorry, tmi). Is this a weird flu? I don't get sick very often at all and was wondering if I should call my doctor. Thanks for any advice :smile:
  2. IMO, you should see a doc since you've had a fever for several days.
  3. I agree...definitely call your doctor since your fever is so high. I hope you feel better!
  4. I would see the doctor ASAP because having a high fever for such a long time is dangerous! Its more likely a flu and your going to need antibiotics.
    I hope you get better fast:smile:
  5. i had the same symptoms, dr told me it was the flu. took me about a week and a half to get better, i took a bunch of prescription medication. hope u get better!
  6. Just wanted to add that the flu is a virus, so antibiotics won't do anything for it, antibiotics are for bacterial infections, not viral.:smile:

    But, I agree, you have had a rather high fever for a few days, I would definitely go to the doctor to get this taken care of, feel better very soon!!
  7. I'm finally feeling better! Now I have a stomach virus of some kind but at least I'm feeling somewhat normal. I can't believe how sick I was...I feel like I went on a long trip and just came back! My husband took care of our son and the house the whole time but I just walked in the kitchen and :shocked: it's enough to send me back to bed! He also made fried chicken for the both of them last night and for some reason there's oil dripped in our untensil drawer. He did all the laundry and kept it out for me to put away and it was so funny because he paired my 3 year old sons socks with my socks and all our clothes are rolled up! He tried his best and I appreciate it but yikes, that's the last time I get sick!