Is this the first time all you Chanel-holics???

  1. I have only started appearing on the Chanel forum not long, ever since Manchester Chanel had announced their new store will be opening very very soon, I educated myself with a little helping hand from tpf Chanel.

    I have noticed that everyone here at the moment are going ever so CRAZY and FRUSTRATED over these new metallic reissues. I feel everyone's pain and I can actually see them/you this....

    :confused1: :push: :yucky: :cursing: :crybaby::shrugs::hysteric::s ​

    But with photo's that you all have kindly put up, I cannot blame tpfers who are still waiting desperately for them...! One of them being me....!​

    What I really want to ask is, those of you who have been around for a while, which other bags that have been newly released in the past that has had such a reaction just like these metallic reissues are doing to us all?​

    Or is it really the first time....?!​

  2. there's afrenzy over a couple of bags every year; the vinyl Coco Cabas, the PNY Flap, & 2005 Reissues come to mind.