Is this the classic flap or reissue?

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  1. I saw this bag and another same bag with silver chain in the Chanel store today. Is this the classic flap or reissue? Sorry the photo is not very clear.

  2. These are the classic flap.
    I think the one on the left is the medium size and on the right it's the jumbo one.
  3. That's the classic flap.
  4. so the classic flap has 2 types - silver hardware and gold hardware?
  5. Yes that´s correct
  6. Thanks! Sorry for asking silly question as I'm new to chanel. Classic black medium caviar flap is my next purchase so have to do some research before that. I think I will get the silver hardware.
  7. You´ve made a great choice. It´s a beautiful bag :p
  8. I believe the one on the left is the small and on the right is the medium/large classic flap :smile:
  9. some points:
    1. reissues always come in the MM lock, ie.the rectangular turn lock not the double C.
    2. reissues are in distressed calfskin. timeless classics usually in carviar or lambskin
    3. timeless classics is more boxy, and because of the meterial, reissues are softer in shape especially at the folding part of the outer flap
    4. The chain of reissues is just the hardware without leather. The original chain of timeless classic is hardware with leather

    For the past months, chanel has been releasing 'hybrids' of classic bags, eg. with new chains or/and distressed carviar...

    Other pfers might have other points to add....:p
  10. THanks IceEarl! I went to the chanel boutique at Penisula Hotel today and took the photo. I saw both the classic flap with silver and gold hardware and want it so badly. But I told myself that I should get it from europe so I can save a lot from the tax rebate. Will do more research before I buy it.
  11. yes, do remember to check out the prices here before you go... and keep us posted!:smile:
  12. no doubts. it's a classic flap.
  13. I'm also learning Chanel here.
    So the pic above is the double flap right??
    Is this bag still available?? It's a very nice bag, since the bag I want isn't available anymore....:crybaby:

    I still have time till jan to find my perfect first Chanelbag!
  14. Yes, this timeless classic is not that difficult to find as compared to the reissues, good luck on your search.