Is this the Cammello Coffer on NAP?


    or is this a different shade of brown? I *love* the NAP color just trying to confirm what the exact shade it is?

  2. HARD TO TELL..I had the cammello one.THIS looks like it..but they do have a choc brown one too..I think this is the cammello.someone correct me if Im wrong!
  3. Jill is it a true caramel brown or more like the NAP picture? The NAP seems more like a beigy taupe vs. caramel...hard to tell! thanks.
  4. Mine was a caramel lookin one
  5. My Cammello is more caramel than taupe. The more you wear it......the darker the leather gets. I love the color! :heart:
  6. FYI - if you are considering buying this bag, look on Styledrops. They're selling it for just over $1200 and the color on their site is a bit more accurate of the Cammello color. :yes:
  7. I also like this netaporter coffer color so i emailed them and ask, they said the color is called Tabaco color code 40, i am so confuss too.
  8. thanks everyone! Boy I'm confused....the one on NAP is he shade that I truly want, more taupy if that's the actual shade. I'll have to call or email them to see, confirm the color on the tag is tabacco not cammello. Maybe they are two slightly different shades? Confusing!