Is this the brown or the Whisky Ali?

  1.'s hard to tell. The stock picture is obviously brown, and the first one definitely looks brown, but the second and third photos seem to have a little whiskey tinge to them. Lighting can make such a difference. Either way, WHAT A STEAL!!!:nuts::yahoo:

    I hope it's in good condition. You are going to LOVE this bag!
  2. Whatever color it is it is beautiful. I own the white Ali and the Whiskey Ali. Love them both. You are going to love your bag! Congrats!
  3. I think the pictures (2-4) taking of the Ali, look more like whiskey.

  4. I agree-the stock looks brown but the photos look whiskey. I have a whiskey and I LOVE it.
  5. I think it looks brown, but that's just me.

    either way its gorgeous!!!! good buy!
  6. whiskey
  7. The main pic is the brown but the pictures below, are a little harder to tell and look more whiskey. Great bag! The Ali is a perfect bag to have.
  8. I think the stock pic is brown and the real pics are whiskey..maybe she just got confused about which one it was... what a deal!
  9. The stock photo is definitely brown. I have the brown and I think the other photos are brown as well. It looks like the photos are taken with a flash and that may have washed out the color just a touch. She also said she purchased this at Macy's a few months ago and that would be the correct time frame for when it was released. The brown is a department store only color.
  10. Yes, the stock photo is brown. If you're really interested ask the seller to confirm the color, is it brown or whiskey?

    Oh, now I see YOU WON IT! Excellent deal. Enjoy it!