is this the black metallic on sienna?

  1. Got this pic from the Celeb subforum:

    Is this the fall 07 black metallic reissue or the fall 06 matte black with silver hardware?

    I believe this is a 226


    It looks tres chic on her. I can't wait to dress up for mine.. :roflmfao:
  2. i could be wrong but i thought sienna's was black patent...though i wouldnt be surprised if she had black metallic and black patent along with regular black lambskin ;)
  3. ^^ Well, from the chain it's evident that it's a silver color. the black patent has gold chains. plus, you can compare the shinyness of the bag with the other girl's patent flats. it's definitely not shiny enough to be patent.
  4. yes i think it is, how pretty! her shoes are funky tho. :sad:
  5. ooohhh i couldnt tell from the pic...guess you have better eyesight than me heehee...sowee!

    both bags are beautiful nevertheless :smile:
  6. ^hahahaa no. i saw the same pic on and it was enlarged 10x. hehehehe.
  7. yup, i really think she has the metallic black on that pic
  8. I think so! Because it looks shiny and it's not gold hardware to be mistaken as patent..