Is this the 2.55?

  1. Hi, I saw this bag and I believe it is the 2.55. What is the material on this bag? I would like a non-leather bag and this bag (style and color) looks adorable! Is it still available? Price, color, style number, etc? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. the pic is so little, but it's a Classic Flap, can't tell the size or material, my eyes aren't great I guess.
  3. Sorry Swanky! Here's another pic with Lindsay Lohan carrying it. Hopefully, you can give me more info! Thanks!
  4. that looks like pink tweed{?} or boucle{?}
    I don't carry the Classic Flap so someone else will have to tell you the size, it looks smaller though and I doubt they made it in more than one or 2 sizes anyhow.
    It's ADORABLE!