Is THIS the 08 electric blue & turquoise?

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  1. I was going through last month's Harpers Bazaar (November - Jennifer Anniston cover) and came across these Balenciaga pics. They might be nothing but maybe they're the new colors? :shrugs:
    Electric Blue clutch? (the shoes are Jimmy Choo)


    Turquoise sandals?

    Definitely petal pink straps on this shoe:

    If that's the electric blue then :yahoo: the turquoise kind of looks like seafoam in this pic but someone mentioned it's a "milky" version of the 05 turquoise so maybe it is 08 turquoise? :shrugs:
    hb1036.jpg hb3038.jpg hb2037.jpg
  2. Thanks for posting! I'm really curious to see if these are the colors!
  3. could be. i mean, why would they use colors so close to the descriptions if they weren't?
  4. i love turq!! thanks simona!!
  5. I don't think that it is turquoise, I think those are the sky blue. I was told by an SA @ BALNY that turquoise is very similar to '05 turq.

    You are right one about the petal pink, the straps are just like my new PP city!

    Good job girl!
  6. oh! they're all beautiful!
  7. I saw the tiny little printed swatch of the turqoiuse and it was a bright turquoise, very similar to the '05. I do think that's definitely close to the EB and the exact petal pink though.
  8. I love those sandals, but they don't look even close to any of the pictures of '08 turquoise we've seen, even if it is milky. It isn't that light. They are more reminiscent of '04 turquoise. I've seen some other spring '08 sandals in magazines that have multi-colors of turquoise straps that probably include something closer to the new color.

    There are some shoes, clothes and bags, too, apparently, from the fall collection that are a really bright blue, a shade or so darker than French blue, that we have speculated about a lot. I have some shoes and their color is described as fluor (for fluorescent?) Elecktra on the box. I don't think they are exactly the same as spring Electric blue, though, but I won't mind if it turns out they are!
  9. Maybe it's the sky blue like Shasta mentioned. I was hoping for 05 turquoise intensity!
  10. SO IN LOVE!!!:love: i love that clutch, i really hope i manage to get my hands on a EB GSH work, seems like it's going to be really hard to get a hold of!!

    and those sandals, i really want them! wonder how they fit??

  11. I don't have a lot of Balenciaga shoes. Several years ago, I thought they ran a little large. But the shoes I got from the fall collection seemed smallish for me and I went up half a size.
  12. Thanks simona!!! Ah that EB is making my heart flutter!!
  13. I really hope that is what EB looks like!
  14. I love that EB!!!!!!!!!:heart::heart:I can't wait so see it IRL!!!! When will they arrive???
  15. I think Twiggers said they should be in end of January/early Feb. - I hope so I need more time to save $$$$$.