Is this tacky or not?

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Do you like them?

  1. Nice :)

  2. Ugly/tacky/tasteless

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  1. Showing people (mostly guys) who are hating on me for buying these for my girlfriend, both because they are LVs and "ugly"

    I'm sure this particular forum is a little biased, but what do you think?

    [Attached the pictures... should work, now. see a couple posts down]
  2. ....i can't see the pix?
  3. hi and welcome! try uploading the pics elsewhere first, or on here!
  4. I love them and want a pair myself to go with my mini pleaty. She is a lucky girl.
  5. oh shoot, i used a bad uploader... gimme a sec :o
  6. pictures below, sorry:

    Attached Files:

  7. I think the shoes are cute! I think it's really nice of you to buy LV stuff for your gf; your gf is a really lucky girl!
  8. I think they're cute. Even if you aren't a big LV fan, there's nothing wrong with them IMO. There are a lot of shoes that look a LOT worse than these. I personally love them. Your gf will love them too, I think.
  9. i personally like them. and i'm a guy. lv has some uglier shoes out there imo, and these are a perfect mix of subtle and flash. hehe.
  10. thanks
  11. What do you think would easily match them?
  12. they are hot! Lucky girlfriend :smile:
  13. Just a question... do you have pics of the shoes themselves? You have posted stock pics taken from eLuxury and the pics of the dust bag and box look like they are from your cell phone and are very blurry.

    Did you purchase these from LV or eLuxury?
  14. Honestly, denim will look great..skirts, capri pants (denim or otherwise), tan pants, white pants etc. I think neutral colors will look really nice and polished with these shoes.
  15. Bought from the LV store at south coast last night. I haven't taken the shoes out of the dust bag since I bought them. I actually have a picture of the receipt, but I didn't really feel the need to post it... I'm not trying to e-brag, just wanted to make sure they weren't super tacky