Is this supposed to be out yet ???

  1. Yes, it's out.:smile:
  2. Yup. The launch date was yesterday. I got to hold the Cutom Mini Pleaty on Tuesday!!!! :yahoo:
  3. ooooo I didnt know :wtf: LOL what date was the release ?...has the mirrior come out yet ? :nuts:
  4. LOL John answered my question :smile:
  5. If I'm not mistaken... Miroir launches December 1st?
  6. Yeah. My friend got 3 bags from it so far.
  7. Someone on TPF has it already!
  8. The Denim or the Miroir ?:confused1:
  9. ...What the OP asked about, the Cabas.
  10. Yes she has it and she is also the seller of the auction.
  11. i want it :crybaby:
  12. Didn't know that! Just read her original post and didn't keep up with the thread.