is this supposed to be flaw?please give ur opinions

  1. As i told u earlier i spotted a chelsea leather satchel at the outlet in chocolate. It is from the retail as it has the tag attached to it but they have cut the price $398 and written $199 and with additional discount it ended at a selling price of $159. Well long story short i did get the bag but once i brought it home and looked closely i noticed that the sides of the bag has a leather color slightly lighter than the front and back of the bag .It seems that that sides were from a different piece of leather and the front and back from another.I called the outlet and asked if they have any more of these but they told me it was the last one.All in all the bag is very pretty. Do u think it is a flaw in this bag or does this variation in leather does occur in bags? thanks for the input.
  2. Can you post photos? I think you got a great deal and I have quite a few leather bags that have different leather variations, especially my Legacy bags.
  3. Me too. My shoulder bag has light and dark brown on it. I think that it's just variation of the bag. Mine doesn't bother me at all but if bothers you, you could return it or sell it.
  4. If you can post pics that would help but I do think that generally leather can vary quite a bit. :tup:
  5. I agree with everyone above. I have two legacy bags and the leather varies. Personally I like that. But to each their own.

    If you're not comfortable with it, even at the STEAL you got it for, take it back and find something you love.
  6. All pieces of leather are different and have various grain and color varaitions, but in general the pebble grain Chelsea line (not the vintage leather) has the most consistent coloring. I would think that if it's significant, that it might be slightly abnormal for this line, unless you mean the vintage leather...and that will definitely have a lot of varation and is normal for this type of leather. My Abbey in tobacco has a lot of variations, as does my mineral. The black vintage is the most consistent. Most of the time I think it just adds to the unique character of the bag. However, it might be that some of the sides were conditioned, let's say to remove the scratches. Sometimes conditioning will darken areas of the bag. As the other posters said, if you could post pics, that would be great.
  7. i had a dior bag like this i ended up selling it because the difference was really bad and i couldnt get over it. i would return it because i regret not returning mine and i lost money!