Is this stupid?

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  1. I´m really into Chanel these days, but not ready for a bag yet or anything big, so I´m thinking of getting one of these silk ribbons.
    I want to start small with Chanel, because the brand is really something you have for life, so should I get one of those ribbons or is that just silly for a first Chanel item/accesorrie..?


  2. well, they come free on your box. . . I'm not sure what you'd do w/ it{?}
  3. I know what I´ll do with it :smile:, but as a first Chanel buy..?

  4. ronja, i'm a little confused. why are you planning to buy them when the chanel store gives it to you free wrapped on your box?
  5. That shouldn't be for sale. . . it's just part of their free giftwrap:shrugs:
  6. I´m not getting them from a Chanel store. I don´t think we have a Chanel in this country and if we have..that would be very far from me. So I can´t just walk in an buy something and get the ribbons. If you all get me better now.

  7. I am a bit far as I know you can't buy the ribbons, they come free as part of the presentation box. If you're not ready for a bag yet, Chanel does do some wonderful accessories (see the sticky) and if you purchase any of those items they will be sent to you in a black Chanel box finished with the ribbon. Have fun starting your Chanel collection!! It will give you many years of pleasure.:heart:
  8. No, it's not stupid. I love Chanel ribbons too. I use it to shorten the chain strap. But I don't know how you will get it unless you buy their bag.:yes:

  9. i'm guessing someone is selling them on ebay , right ? You're not stupid . if you are going to use them , who cares ? I tie a Hermes ribbon around my ponytail sometimes when I golf ( 'cuz I've got a cute orange golf skirt .) .
  10. Oh, yes. It would be stupid if I collect non-authentic item whether I use it or not. I'd rather collect smiley face :yes: Also, I think scarf would be better on your hair than ribbon, even Hermes ribbon :yes:

  11. ^huh? SHe's not asking about a non-authentic item{?}

    It's not stupid if you have a want and need for it ;)
  12. The ribbon is cute....I don't think they sell it but I am sure you can find it at Ebay.. isn't silly at step..:smile:
  13. I wear scarves in my hair too . It just matched perfect , that's all .
  14. There is one in Copenhagen as a part of Birger Christensen, I got my classic flap there :smile:;)
  15. I don't know...if you're going to pay for a Chanel ribbon, you might as well pay for a Chanel item and get the ribbon for free. Some items like small earrings are not very expensive and is a good way to get into Chanel. I'm sure you can ask for extra ribbon, too if you make a purchase. Why give your money to someone who's selling something you can get for free instead of spending it on an actual Chanel item and get the ribbon with it?