Is this stupid?

  1. I own 2 designer bags (I am 16 so my collection cannot progress as much as I want it too) - a Chloe paddy and a balenciaga courier. I keep getting drawn back to the Kooba forum, the leather looks so soft and silky and yummy lol. I feel like after spending so much on my paddy I would rather have a cheaper bag ie a kooba. Am I insane, I dont have the money to constantly buy a new bag to find one that fits - what should I do? ps the paddy was a present from my dad for my 16th so I cant sell it however I did buy the balenciaga which I love!)
  2. That's a really tough one! I understand why you feel you can't part with either of your bags, but maybe you can start to save up for that Kooba you want.

    There are many on eBay now at a reasonable price, depending on what you like, so you may want to look over there too.

    What's your fav. Kooba so far? ps: If I could trade you a Kooba for your Paddy, I would! :yes:
  3. Keep the Paddy, girl (that bag has really grown on me) which colour have you got?

    You've got two great bags there, maybe you should slowly save for your next one and really take your time over it..:smile:
  4. i say kooba would be a great next purchase for you!~

    you don't have to sell anything to get a kooba, you saved to get a b bag, i bet you have the ability to save for just about anything! awesome! i say pick a Kooba and start saving!
  5. Oops, silly question, sorry, there it is in your avatar:rolleyes: