Is this strap normal on the jumbo?

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  1. Just got my jumbo today and the strap looks odd to me. Should I exchange?

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  2. Normal. Just the ends sewn together.
  3. I would exchange. The workmanship looks shoddy. I wouldn't accept this type of "quality" on any handbag, regardless of the price. I think if you are asking this question you are probably not too happy with this chain strap. Think of how many THOUSANDS of dollars this handbag costs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. Are you asking about the ends sticking out? If so that is completely normal and not poor workmanship. The leather pieces need to have a begin and an end and that’s what you’re seeing.
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  5. Omg, it took me a minute to even understand what is going on
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  6. It looks normal to me but if you aren’t happy exchange
  7. Normal
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  8. Mine is the same.
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  9. My Maxi and Medium look like this.
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