Is This Still Availble??

  1. I'm new here and was reading through older posts and came accross this bag. I'm in LOVE! Does anyone have the style#?? Did it sell out quickly?

  2. I don't this is even out yet...? I think it was ordered through JAX. I don't have the style # ... sorry!

    Keep looking in the boards though someone might've posted it somewhere... :tup:
  3. Style number 11561, I believe. And nope, it's not even out yet but can be ordered. Ranskimmie had one but sent it back.
  4. Do you know why she sent it back ? was it that pink one she showed modeling ?
  5. ooooo! i love that one should see the wristlet!
    i think it comes out in the spring?
  6. Hi! The catalog says it will be available in stores in Feb. but you could always order it through JAX now if you wanted.
  7. It does say select stores, though, so if you really love it, I'd order it now.

  8. I think she said she didn't really like the zebra stripe. It may be pony hair but I'm not 100% sure. You could look through Ranskimmie's posts to see if you can find her references to it.

  9. It's dyed calf hair. Maybe that's why she didn't like it. I can't remember what she said. But anyway, if you like it, that's what's important!