Is this SPY worth keeping?

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  1. I need an opinion. I just received this Sienna Nappa Fendi SPY from Bluefly today. I do not doubt the authenticity of the bag, but I question the quality. There is a loose thread as shown in the picture. I paid $1660 for it. Is it worth keeping? :confused1:
    Picture 685.jpg Picture 687.jpg Picture 686.jpg
  2. really, that would not bother me at all. but it's up to you. i think it's a beautiful bag.
  3. I agree with Liti. It is a beautiful bag. The one particular stitch wouldn't bother me much. What color is it? The sienna looks like honey to me. It's absolutely gorgeous. Thanks.
  4. i think it may be the rust spy
  5. Oooh, the elusive rust.... It is quite a lovely rich color. It is quite a beauty.
  6. Bluefly has the color Sienna in the item description. The Fendi card has Borsa spy nappa nuvolata/naturale +oro + pallad. The loose thread only bothers me because it's a brand new bag, and the discount on it was not that great. I'm glad I have 30 days to think about keeping it.
  7. Have you called bluefly and tell them about that? They would probably give you an additional 10% off.
  8. ok, if it says "naturale" then it is honey after all! the other day someone got a bag from net a porter, and i thought it was honey and it turned out to be rust. they look basically the same to me, so whatevs.

    i agree with balenciagalove -- call bluefly and ask them for an additional discount. the standard is really not that great. they often have additional 10% off sale days as well as 10% or 15% off coupons, so I don't think they should flinch on giving you an additional percentage off.
  9. That's a pretty color! :drool:
    I wouldn't return it just of that stitch, but if you paid almost full price, def. call them for an exchange or discount!
  10. I agree w/ everybody else, it never hurts to call and ask for additional % off. It is a gorgeous color!!!
  11. True, it can't hurt. Does the stitching look like more will come out? I'm fairly new to spy bags but I think the price you got is pretty good.
  12. I called Bluefly and they offered a measly $20 for the repair credit. I did not accept it, because that would make the sales FINAL. I will try to overlook the loose thread. It is a gorgeous bag overall. I still have a lot of time to make my decision.
  13. The bag is gorgeous, are you nuts?:upsidedown::lol:
  14. I don't think it's the loose thread...maybe you just don't like the bag itself.
  15. I don't think you should keep it... I think you should give it to ME!:p

    Kidding aside, I think it's beautiful. But you have to love it! You got a good deal on it, but it's not impossible to get a good deal on a spy these days... so if you're not in love with it, send it back and find one that's perfect for you.