Is this spy real?

  1. Welcome to the Purse Forum. I'm so sorry Lemmons84, :sad: but, I believe this one is fake. The coloring is WAY off and the leather doesn't look right, not to mention the price is WAY too low, it's impossible to purchase a brand new authentic Fendi Spy for less than $1500!...retail is I believe $2100 tax not included. This person should be reported, the other bags look soo FAKE!'s disgusting! Hopefully you can get a refund, sweetie.
  2. she does have this refund policy>>If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your item, you may return it, within 3 days from the time you received it. The bag must be in the exact condition in which it was received with all tags, and/or cards, wrappings and/ or boxes included and intact. We will issue you a full refund LESS SHIPPING fee<< which is how she keeps her 100% feedback. I'd bet the farm it isn't real but you should return it immediately & tell her you won't leave negative feedback if she returns your $$ at once. If you used paypal with a charge you can call your credit card company to stop or reverse the payment. Look at her feedback she has sold a few honey Spys this month & no one could go on losing money selling so far below retail. Check the auction out before you buy .. it can happen to anyone so don't be embarrassed.
  3. Thank you all for your help. She agreed to refund my money--she hadnt sent the bag out yet. I am really liking this site--i"m so glad I stumbled upon it!:yahoo:
  4. Luckily she hasn't sent it out yet and it's nice of her to agree to a refund.
  5. You got very lucky this time OP. I know it is a temptation to grab a deal that is just so unbelievable, but, that is just it, it is unbelievable.

    Common sense here, NO ONE is going to sell a perfect stranger a new item for 60% to 75% off regular retail, when it is a hot selling item with many customers. The tan/honey spy bag is exactly that. You should expect to pay around $1000 to $1300 or more for a gently used AUTHENTIC FENDI spy bag. :smile:
  6. What's sad is that there are quite a few customers toting around a "fendi spy" which they believe to be authentic!!!! :crybaby: