Is this Speedy worth the money?

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  1. i wouldn't buy it
    yes it is cheap but it doens't look great..
    jut save up for a while and get yourself a brand new one! or look for some better ones on ebay
  2. you could always get the handles replaced.. i think that's a little over $100 or so.
  3. Hang on to your dough, hon. That thing's in terrible shape, even the canvas is worn out. Wait for one that's less abused looking. Lots of Speedies come up on Ebay and many of them are only medium to gently used.
  4. I wouldn't get this - it's too dark to be cleaned. Even if you replaced the handles (which runs another $145.00), the rest of the patina would still be dark and it wouldn't look right. They come up periodically. Try to wait for one in better condition.
  5. yes, please listen to everyone else. do not get this bag. it is in too poor of a shape. :sad:
  6. sorry to say that but this poor speedy seems like she saw the second world war...:shame:
  7. You want your first LV to be something you cherish and want to carry everyday. This isn't the one!
  8. i would not buy it...:tdown:
  9. I would absolutely PASS. There are quite a few on eBay (get them authenticated here) but you really can and will do much better than that one. I wouldn't pay $50 for it. You will be happier with something that you can enjoy!
  10. Check out her feedback, not so great! Imagine what the bag smells like, from those pictures.:yucky:
  11. :nogood: this is in pretty sad shape. i would wait.
  12. Definitely not worth it. Even if you change all the vache leather, that torn canvas cannot be fixed and it would be an eyesore.
  13. I would def. save for a brand new one. Way more exciting then getting a beat up old bag for $100.
  14. It doesn't seem like it would even be worth $100 for such a worn out bag. It looks very dirty and abused. I would either wait, and save a little more for a new one, or search for a nicer quality used one. A light patina is one thing but that's just dirty.