Is this something new with EBAY?

  1. Last night I was adding items to sell on eBay. I was getting ready to submit the last one and it stated it was denied. Today, a friend of mine listed a couple of items one of which was a chanel polish. That one took but when he went to list the second polish (of another color) that was denied. Strange? Thats never happened to me before, I've had 15 items up for auction at once before.
  2. Some items have to be listed 5 days or more. Other items have a limited # of which you can list at one time.
  3. Now eBay thinks we are listing fake Chanel nail polish??????? Geez.
  4. Anything Chanel and Louis Vuitton are what they are looking for the most and they will limit you for 7 days. Unless you call them and provide receipts, etc to be lifted from the limitations.
  5. Now ebay believed all my authentic items are fakes (LOL)

    Rediculous.....I never used fakes and hate fakes but ebay think they are all fakes.

    ** New on ebay..Rediculous Fake Chanel bags are still on site but mine are removed **
  6. Currently ebay is removing Chanel and Lv listing. I know its not fair, that is why i try not to buy and sell these items.
  7. As others have said, sadly it looks like you have fallen foul of the LV/Chanel' red flag' syndrome at Ebay at the moment. But do people really fake nail polish?!
  8. I was wondering if it was because it was the same item (polish). When the 2nd one was denied I then went to post a pic of something I put on while at work. Its up for auction without a picture. I added the picture and when hit save it declined it-even though it was already on for hours. All I did was hit the back button and clicked on cancel revisions and it worked. Thats the problem with ebay - sometimes their warnings aren't very clear so you're not really sure what the problem is. THanks.