Is this SO possible?

  1. After seeing a few TPFers' keepall 45, i think i should get this size instead of 50... It is such a perfect size !!

    However the only thing I am worrying about is the vanchetta, is it possible to have the keepall 45 to SO in daimer ebony?? :confused1:

    TIA :smile:
  2. It wouldn't hurt to ask your SA if the keepall could be made in Damier.
  3. well I could almost be sure it is possible damier is an "old" line and the keepall is indeed an "old" modell just ask ur SA
  4. I don't see why not! However...the 50 is a really good size!!!!
  5. ^^^yes I agree how tall are u ? because consider is only 5cm and the SO will cost u 30% more than retail
  6. i am not tall ... 5"4 (160cm)... originally i was looking at the size 50... however when i was in the store, my SA showed me the monogram 45 and it is so cute , and yet big enough for me...

    i would appreciate if any of you can give me some advice of whether i should get the size 45 or 50....

  7. hhee antonio that is true.. i need to pay 30% more for the perfect keepall..... ohhhh dilemma ...
  8. yes it is a dilemma what about epi leather keepall? no vachetta and u don't need to SO
  9. The epi 45 is awesome, butt...
    The damier is nice in a 50. Why not get that?

  10. i personally prefer damier as i love the the checked pattern :yahoo:
  11. Oops, I didn't mean to put an extra "t" in but. Anyway, the (damier) 50 is a nice size especially considering the price as compared to SO'ing a 45. Just my two cents, my dear.