Is this site real?

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  1. I tried to search if there was any posts about this website, but did not find one. If there was one previously, please feel free to close this.

    I wanted to know if this site is authentic:

    They post some stock photos but I was looking at the pink miu miu harlequin bag they listed at $525, which looks like home photos. If anyone could tell me if this site is real, it will be much appreciated!
  2. I do not think they're authentic...

    If you have a question about a specific bag, post the link in the appropriate "authenticate this" forum and the ladies there will help you out.
  3. There are not enough photos posted of bags to be able to authenticate their products. Prices do not indicate to me that items would be authentic. Nowhere on the site that I have found STATES that items are authentic. Return policy says "We do not accept returns based on buyer's remorse. Please make sure you want the product before making a final decision on your purchase." No address is given as to location of the items.

    ALL of that combined is a BIG RED FLAG, IMO. I would not advise purchasing from this site.
  4. Also, I noticed they have a lot of Birkins on sale. I was under the impression that a Birkin was not so easy to get your hands on, yet they have dozens to choose from? Hmmm...I would be very suspicious of anything on that site.
  5. That site sells fakes. There are many brands listed that are NEVER sold by third party sites.
  6. Thanks for letting me know. I thought the prices were too good to be true but then I found the exact photos on iOffer so its definitely fake