Is this site Legit?

  1. I really love this watch. Is it to good to be true? Is there a way to check out this company? When I go to Yahoo and put the style of the watch this is the place that comes up.
  2. Probably not
  3. I know their handbags are authentic. That's kind of confirmed in the Fendi subforum.
  4. I honestly don't know. I was looking at Chopards on there once but I felt kind of uncomfortable buying something so expensive from a site I was unsure of.
  5. I don't know either, but I would be weary. I think you're better off buying an expensive watch from an authorized dealer. :s
  6. that IS a killer watch! is there a gucci forum to post this in?
  7. i almost bought this one from macy's here in new jersey... i went with the movado instead...

    but that gucci is gorgeous!!!

    i suggest wait for maybe president's day to hopefully get discounts... when i checked a couple of months ago, it was on sale for about $ 750 minus an extra 20% if you open up a macy's credit card..

  8. REALLY!!!! WOW!!! Thanks for that info. I never thought to check the Dept. Stores.

    I have been reading about Jomashop mostly on the Fendi board and there is also 300+ reviews about them on The general consensus is that yes, what they sell is authentic. But that their customer service is beyond bad. I have also read most peoples complaint is that things on the web site are out of stock and they don't find out for a few days that it is out of stock Other major complaints are that sometimes that packaging of the items looks pretty beat up but what they bought is okay. I can deal with a dirty or messed up box since I am not wearing the box. My biggest concern is that if I have a problem with the watch I will be S.O.L. Since they are not "Authorized Dealers' I would feel MUCH better buying it from Macy's or Bloomindales (or any other Dept. Store) To me buying from Macy's is the same as buying directly from Gucci.

    Just a side note. When I finally thought to do a search on Jomashop (Duh) there is another thread on asking for discounts. Someone bought a Wedding ring at Cartier and asked for a discount and people were surprised that Cartier offered discounts and then a few other people said that almost all Jewelry and Watch store will negotiate for better prices. I just would feel weird asking for a discount at Gucci but I guess if you can do it at Cartier that is might also work Gucci.
  9. Jomashop is legit. I've gotten watches from them before. No problems at all.
  10. Thanks for the advice about Macy's. I just called 3 local Macy's and 2 Bloomingdale's. I was told by every SA I spoke to that these watches NEVER go on sale. I totally believe you ltwuelfing that it was on sale. Do you have any suggestions. I am going to go check them out again on President's Day weekend and see if it is on sale by chance. The SA said that you only get an extra 10% on fine Jewelry/Watches for opening a new account. But any purchase over $500 qualifies for no interest for a year on their card. I wonder if that I live in Los Angeles and you said that you saw it on sale in NJ if that makes a difference?

    Does anyone know if you can negotiate with the SA at Macy's?

    Thanks again for the suggestion of trying Macy's.