Is this site legit ??? ....................

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  1. Hi all!
    I am curious if the site is legit??? Someone over on the Prada forum just referred me there - looking for a bag my daughter wanted - and they also sell Balenciaga online ???

    I am more than a little leery of online handbag sites, sooo...

  2. I believe styledrops sells fake bbags.
  3. i believe it is, just very overpriced.


    ooh really? i've always wondered about them and raffaello network, are they the same or is one a copy of the other? they're sooo similar.
  4. I am a little more than leery too. :graucho: I wouldn't order anything from them. ELuxury is the only one that I order from.
  5. eLuxury and Net-A-Porter (they now ship from the US by the way) are the only 2 I buy from. Its been a while since I bought anything from either though.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.