Is this site legit?

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    I don't see anything suspicious about this site. However, up to 70% off designer brands is a bit too good to be true. I have my eye on a couple of LV bags. Someone please reassure me that this site isn't a scam. Thanks :smile:
  2. Correct me if i'm wrong but the only legit site that can sell Louis vuitton is Elux? Other then eBay and Bidding sites obviously.
  3. I would love to know if anyone has purchased from this site too :yes: They have the Paddy for $600 :wtf: The pictures are of authentic bags but whether you get authentic is another question ??
  4. I am sure that Vlad posted something about this online site.

    I cannot remember which Forum it may have been in.

    If you do a search on the Forum La-perle.
  5. I have found another post and one of the members curlsaloud has pointed out that the pictures are stolen from net-a-porter and the bags are fake:yucky: she also states she has been in touch with net-a-porter and they are pursuing legal matters so stay clear of this site.
  6. Yeah I just read through the posts in past threads about this site. The entire site looks so legit. Thank goodness I checked here first before taking out my credit card.
  7. I'm glad you did too :smile: There is always a thread or someone who can help with authenticity questions here;) Always ask before you buy
  8. Eluxury is the only online retailer authorized to sell LV bags. I've also heard this site sell fakes. (Netaporter does not sell LV. Pics are stolen from eluxury)
  9. I bought from this site, but found out they sold fake bags and got a refund.

    From now on I check out anything here before going forward!

  10. At those prices it's impossible for them to be authentic and they stole the pictures from nap, avoid at all costs!
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