Is this site legit???

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  1. I have just clicked on a link off the board here, and was surprised as to the content of the site.

    Is this legit?????

    My awesome Carmen bag is on there, half price LOLOL.

    Amazing buy for anyone who may like it, and wonderful price, if it is real, of course??

    http://www.********.com <<<<< ARGH How frustrating, does this mean the site is not allowing that website??? A bit odd, after it is appearing as a sponsored link.
  2. I guess it got edited...
  3. If it's the place I am thinking of (fashion house with an "e" in front of it), then, yes, they are legit. However, some members have reported problems with their customer service. When a member complained on this forum, the owner came on here and was sort of rude. After that, the mods decided that they were no longer going to give this business free plugs all the time, so the name is redacted.