Is this site legit ?

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  1. Yes, I Love Dooney (ILD) is the online Dooney outlet

    I have purchased dozens of handbags from I Love Dooney over the past few years. Their return policy is explained on their site, but it's fine. I use their online return process to generate a return label for UPS and they deduct $7,50 for the return shipping. I've returned only a few handbags, but never had a return problem. I'm just careful to follow the rules and stay well within their defined time frame.

    If a handbag arrives with a defect, you can get the return shipping fee refunded, sometimes that part is smooth and sometimes it's a hassle.

    I find the quality from I Love Dooney to be as good as from any major department store. Most of the handbags I have gotten from ILD are perfect. Once and a while there is an issue. Sometimes the 'issue' is in the eye of the beholder.... I don't like the texture, or the zipper isn't smooth enough, or something else.

    Some ladies have had issues with credit card charging and cancelled orders. I always use paypal and haven't had any issues.

    Probably more than you wanted to know. And, the customer service can be lacking.... long hold times, etc. Also, once you place an order.... you can't cancel. You can return the item if you changed your mind of it the price went down you can return/re-order. No exchanges or price adjustments.

    For some special sales items are final sale. This is not often, but check the details on promotions listed, just to be sure. I don't buy anything online that's final sale.
  3. Thank you so much for the info