Is this site legit for Chloe bags?

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bag scout
Nov 10, 2005
If I remember correctly, I don't think they charge tax either.. You'll have to double check. Are you planning to purchase any of them?

Hmm...It's interesting that they carry around teal. Too bad the red paddy comes only in small.. Bleh.


Sep 13, 2005
Vlad said:
Ahloa Rag don't charge sales taxes unless you live in Hawaii and buy from them, I believe.

That is correct and is standard practice for most businesses.

Aloha Rag is legit. I was there the other day checking out their stock, seemed like they had a lot more silverados than were on their site. Pretty cool store, the only thing that I dont like is that you have to ring the doorbell to get let in. Sometimes it seems like someone is sleeping in the back and doesn't hear or something so I have to wait outside for a few minutes:lol: I'm IMPATIENT!

Other than that customer service is great! I'd recommend them. The only thing is, their "warranty" isn't as good as NMs. For instance I asked NM what they would do if my paddy hardware began to chip, they said that they would refund it, as long as it was within a reasonable time, like a year or maybe longer. Aloha Rag told me only a few months. So I decided to go with NM. I dont think you'd have a problem with the silverado though, it doesn't have that lock or anything.


Sep 28, 2005
pseub said:
Damn, I want this bag!

Yeah me too!! I'd been eyeing that baby online, and when I saw it in person at NM, it wasn't quite as breathtaking for whatever reason. I think it was smaller than the one I'd seen at aloha rag online, so it seemed like it would only go in my hand, not on my arm, and the hardware was a bit much for the size of the bag. That's how I ended up at LV instead:love:


Balenciaga's lover
Oct 29, 2005
I still want to see a Silverado in person before I decide on my "holiday" bag. I might just wait until the Chloe store opens in South Coast Mall, but I love how Aloha Rag doesn't charge taxes!!

Wow... you have to ring a doorbell before getting let in? I remember I had to pick up a check from a real estate company and they had the doorbell thing too. I thought that was so annoying. It's like ringing the doorbell of a residential home. Must be for security reason huh?
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