Is this site a reputable one? Kooba Paige - Raisin


    If so, they have Kooba Paiges in the raisin color everyone seemed to want so much. $449.00.
  2. Great head's up!!
    I paid 645 for the bag, it's big and heavy, but I love it and get compliments on it every where I go!!
    I'm not sure the site is legit either......
  3. Thanks, you are welcome. I hope it is legit and someone can use it.
  4. I ordered mine from Kitson. Using the kitson17 code, I got 20% off. It's not the greatest deal in the world, but for such a hard to find bag, it's decent. Kitson called the color "burgundy" instead of "raisin," which is probably why they still have some in stock.

    Shop | Kitson Boutique
  5. I looked at the picture at Ragstyle, doesn't the leather look abit shiny and the inner bag lining brighter than normal? And that site looks funky, oriental to me, I would not order from there.

    Someone who owns a Paige in raisin....does that photo look the same as yours?
  6. Mine has a shine to it - less so now that it's had some mileage -and the lining's that color.
  7. That Raisin Bag looks alright. It's lighting that messes alot of these bags up. I'll tell you one thing...I'd shop around. They want 575 for a Jillian which cost 495 retail! And that Braeden can be found cheaper just about anywhere.
  8. WTF?:wtf: