Is this silly?

  1. I purchased an Amore Zucca last week at Happy Six. It was the last one and I was absolutely ecstatic about it. It was the last one in the store that they happened to pull out of the back and I was totally in love with the print and got it. Now after looking at it for about a week, I'm a bit sad that a bunch of the characters are cut off on both sides and the bottom. Somehow Adios's girlfriend, the birds in the heart, Batsmaru's girlfriend and the cactus girl's boyfriend are all cut off on each side. I guess for such a big bag and small print I figured all the characters would appear somewhere.

    Now I'm thinking of exchanging it for a Buon Viaggio because all of the print should appear somewhere on the bag and also I love my Foresta Buon Viaggio and it works out perfectly for me as a diaper bag. But the Zucca's much cuter, but where the print's cut off bugs me! Help! What should I do?

    Here's a picture so you can see where it's cut off.
  2. Get the BV and keep the zucca too! :nuts:
  3. Of course! :smile: I really shouldn't get both. I was thinking also of keeping the Zucca and getting another smaller bag with the characters that are cut off on it, but I'm trying to refrain from getting too many bags.
  4. I think at the time you got it you just wanted the bag and were so happy it didn't bug you. Hmm. I guess for me I probably would keep it just because it wouldn't bother me THAT much. I wouldn't have bought it in the first place if I inspected it and it has major flaws. But you have a picture of it? Maybe then if I see how badly it cuts them off and they don't reappear on the bag...then I will understand lol. I got a gioco so I guess that's why it doesn't bug me because they are on it multiple times.
  5. Blackwidow: hahaha ! yeah great :idea:

    Turtlejd:but if you really arent happy then get the BV :biggrin:
  6. Oh, I think your zucca is adorable. I'm glad you posted a pic. I wish I had preordered a zucca instead of the gioco. You should keep the zucca.
  7. i would buy ur zucca from u!!! i want a zucca amore soo bad!!!
  8. If it bugs you, you need to get rid of it. Either return it and get the BV or try to get another zucca someplace else. I know if something about a bag bugged me, I wouldn't use it! And that'd just be money sitting around doing nothing!! Even if you get another bag that has the characters that were cut off on it, would you end up using the zucca that "bugs" you?? I know I wouldn't. I'd just use the other bag.
  9. I think it's cute!!! If they appear more than once on the bag, it's OK eh? How is the other side of the bag? do they appear on that side, the ones who are cut off?
  10. I totally agree with Maya!
  11. They are cut off almost exactly the same on the back. And they're not on the bottom either. The way the pattern is on the front doesn't really bother me, it's just that if I wanted to look at them they're no where on the bag.
  12. Yikes. OK - OK. If you really don't like it and it bugs you it's OK to get rid of it lol. I suppose it's like men. If you really don't like them..why keep 'em? haha.
  13. well hold onto it for now n see if u can find a BV that u like...then weigh your options then n see which one makes you happier =)
  14. I guess after posting this you guys helped me realize it really bugs me! :crybaby:

    So I guess I'll go back and check out what else they have there. I guess for the $$ I shouldn't be sad about it. I've been obsessing about getting another bag with just those characters on it when probably the solution is to just find another one or trade it for a BV.
  15. aww that sucks that it cuts off everywhere :sad: that'd bug me big time. I mean since it's such a small print every character should be there at least once...

    but yeah a lot of girls on this forum would love your amore zucca... plus theyre all enablers and make you want to keep everything! so you might be speaking with some in the wrong crowd IMO :lol: